Girls have the RIGHT to determine their futures 
and the POWER to change the world.

VISION NOT VICTIM supports girls and communities in creating a world where they are free from violence and can pursue a future of equitable choices and chances.

VISION NOT VICTIM is a revolutionary process that supports girls in fighting their oppression and building the future that they want.

We use creative processes and collaborative media to amplify girls’ voices and visions.

We partner with organizations and communities to ensure that girls have the continued and sustained support they need to reach their goals.  

We are part of an ever-growing global movement.

Learn about the different adaptations of VISION NOT VICTIM, where we are going next, and the powerful girls transforming their communities.

 I would tell other girls with dreams like mine to never give up because having a dream is the only way that they will reach their goals. I'd tell them to not let people bring them down. Girls can do anything.
We are not a problem in this world, we are the power of it.
AGE 14
From: Syria

Vision Not Victim 2017 Statement

We at Vision Not Victim recognize the time, the urgency, the environments, and the crises that effects us all. In coming together, we will not be victims to any oppressive regime, institution, norm or system. Our work with girls around the world has shown us the persistence, resilience, power, and tactics needed to confront and combat all forms of intolerance, inequity, injustice.

Our work with girls around the world has shown us that insurgent imagination leads to making real what was thought to be impossible. Our dreaming and visions for our futures lead to hope, strategy, creativity, and the activism that can shift the paradigm and change what is considered “normal,” leading us to build societies anew.

Now more than ever there is an urgency in bringing girls together, and in building allies for girls who will help them fight oppressive norms, stereotypes, and institutions. Our work with girls around the world has shown us that when girls are put into a box, given small limited space of what they can be, how they are seen, heard, a small space to exist within – girls fight their way out, pushing forward for new space, and in doing so create space for others. In response to these boxes that limit existence and identity – girls fight out, aspire out, love out and bend and break the bars that confine themselves and others.

Girls have shown us that finding beauty and light in the darkest of places is one of the greatest tools of resilience.

Liberation – it is all of us, or none of us.
VISION NOT VICTIM collaborates with individuals, organizations, communities, and other groups to support girls in diverse contexts and spaces around the world. 

Learn more about how our partnerships work and how you can join the movement! 

Update from Vision Not Victim in Oakland, CA!

Extraordinary things happen when girls come together. Extraordinary things happen when girls come together in a safe space where they can explore themselves, their imagination, and share common experiences. Nowhere […]...