Vision Not Victim’s mission is to end a world where girls face oppression of any kind and build a world where girls have the freedom, power, and resources to pursue their dreams.     


Adolescent girls are among the most marginalized and abused in contexts around the world. During adolescence, while boys' worlds begin to expand with choices and opportunities, in many places the world for girls starts to shrink. 

Oppressive social norms and stereotypes, such as viewing girls as less valuable or capable than boys, creates barriers for girls to access opportunities and can increase the violence they face. These gender norms and social policies take on many form such as millions of young girls denied equal education and millions of girls being married before the age of 18 every year, from Uganda to the US.
  • In many countries and contexts, the roles of girls are set and choices will be made for them by their parents, caretakers, teachers, husbands and societies. Globally, girls have less access to education, health care, support systems, choices, and opportunities, resulting in less access to their own dreams and aspirations - their space to explore their own potential constrained and stolen.

  • Furthering these norms, the media often plays an active role reducing girls to a single stereotype and story, and portraying girls living in places of conflict or poverty almost always as just victims. 
adolescent girls live in the developing world
in the developing world will be married before the age 15
in low and middle income countries is childbirth
are against girls aged 15 and younger
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Yet, GIRLS MATTER. How we work to address, engage, and combat these gender disparities matters.

Adolescent girls around the world have the right to determine their own path in life; they have the right to be safe from violence; they have the right to equitable opportunities and choices. Girls have the power, the potential, and the transformational vision to change their lives and lead.
Vision Not Victim is a girl-driven, girl-led creative process that supports adolescent girls around the world in building a vision for the future they want, learning the skills they need to pursue their goals, and sharing their visions through collaborative photography, video, and graphic design. These visions, together with facilitated community discussions and advocacy, are used to challenge social norms, demonstrate the power and potential of adolescent girls, and spark transformative change.
I would tell other girls to follow their dreams. Your dream is yours. It doesn’t have to be anyone else’s. If it makes you happy, then follow it.
Paw Si
AGE 14
FROM: Thailand  
VISION: Future Architect


Our Girlfesto was developed by the different groups of girls we have worked with over the past few years. Girls’ voices and visions have come together across continents, as girls share many of the same passions, ideas, and hopes for the better, brighter futures they wish to drive forward. The Girlfesto is a living statement that continues to expand with Vision Not Victim’s reach. It represents what we stand for as a collective and as a movement.  

Girls can do anything.

We will fight to change this world for the better - to make it more just, equal, and free for all.

We support one another.

We love one another.

We are a community.

We are beautiful on the inside and outside.

We are curious.

We will resist stereotypes.

We have power to transform ourselves.

We have power to influence others.

We are connected to the women and girls who came before us, and we will work to build a better place for the women and girls who come after us.


Aisha Bain is a feminist warrior, social justice activist, radical storyteller, smasher of patriarchy, artist, author, and filmmaker.

With over 15 years of senior leadership experience, she has managed programs and partnered with organizations to end violence against women and girls, fight for environmental rights, women’s rights, anti-discrimination, and other social justice issues, conducting advocacy and policy change spanning five continents.  


Meredith is an award-winning photographer and photo-facilitator. She collaborates with communities to create images that combat stereotypes, challenge oppressive systems,  spark dialogue, and show that there can be change.

She has worked at the intersection of media, women's rights, and representation in over 20 countries, with her projects being exhibited across the globe and in a range of media outlets.