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BUZZFEED: Refugee Girls Got To Dress Up As What They Want To Be When They Grow Up
The United Nations has registered almost 4.6 million refugees from Syria since fighting broke out in the country several years ago. Of those, almost 2.4 million are 17 and under....Read More
ABC NEWS: Vision Not Victim: Refugee Girls Create Their Future 
Vision Not Victim lets young girls conceptualize, design and star in their own photo shoot as their future self in their future career...Read More.
THE WASHINGTON POST: In powerful photo shoot, Syrian girls dress for the job they want
It began when she asked girls in Congo who were their heroes. They all named Western men: legendary figures like Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., a worthy role model. But there was no one from their own community they were taught to admire, let alone other strong women...Read More.
DAILY MAIL: Syrian refugee girls living in camps pose as their future selves in poignant photoseries aiming to convey how children will one day rebuild war-torn country
Touching images show refugee girls fleeing war-torn Syria acting out their fantasy careers, from doctors to artists. Programme 'Vision not Victim' aims to give refugee children the skills and support they need...Read More.
HUFFINGTON POST: Photos Show Refugee Girls Living Dreams As Astronauts, Architects, Lawyers
For many Syrian refugees, being displaced means not only losing their home, but also losing a chance to go to school and achieve their goals...Read More.
DAILY MIRROR: Heartwarming portraits of schoolgirl refugees who dream of jobs as doctors, police officers and astronauts
INDIA TODAY: A peek into what these beautiful Syrian refugee girls aspire to be when they grow up
Syrian girls living in Jordan have experienced the trauma of their country's civil war, the loss of loved ones and their homes and the struggle to survive in a new country. They also face a disproportionate amount of harassment and exploitation...Read More.
REFINERY 29: "I Hope I Am A Model For Other Girls"
When Yvette's mother saw a photo of her daughter dressed as a fashion photographer — the 13-year-old's dream job — she beamed with pride...Read More.

Update from Vision Not Victim in Oakland, CA!

Extraordinary things happen when girls come together. Extraordinary things happen when girls come together in a safe space where they can explore themselves, their imagination, and share common experiences. Nowhere […]